Brendan and Mackenzie: Two for Tulips

Spring is the time of beginnings, which makes weddings – especially flower heavy weddings- feel like they just fit. I have to admit that fall weddings are usually those that make me feel most emotional, but weddings of friends take the cake, or, cupcake in the case of this wedding! (Cupcakes by Heritage Bakery).

These bridesmaids helped to make their own bouquets – can’t beat flowers and a box of wine!

Brendan is one of my husband’s [and my] very best friends. The third member of the trio, Ian, was co-best man with Stephen for Brendan. I remember Brendans and my earliest inside joke was that our first conversation was an hour-long gush session over sunsets. I didn’t realize until after the wedding that his color palette wasn’t too far off! His whole personality is a colorful burst of sunshine. When I got to know his fiancee, now wife, Mackenzie, she was a little more reserved. Then, when they hired me as their planner/florist/coordinator, I was lucky enough to get to know her a little more and more with every planning session. Even getting to know her amidst one of the most stressful times of life, I got to see those same bright colors I knew in Brendan come out in her, too!

And now, for the flowers!

One of my favorite features of this wedding was a large floral piece on a cross (rented from Ruffles and Rust) for their ceremony. Brendan, Stephen, Ian, and I all became friends helping to lead a bible study for our Ultimate Frisbee team at George Mason University. Growing as friends with each other and Jesus was a huge gift in college, and decorating this cross felt very fitting, especially with so many bright blooms only a week after Easter.

Bright colors, yes! Can I get an Allelujah?

We did simple, but really lovely larkspur and ruscus aisle decorations. I love using white larkspur/delphinium for aisle decoration – I think the soft texture lends itself really well to complimenting bridal entrances.

The reception was simple, but impactful- thankfully, Ian’s girlfriend, Jennifer, is wildly helpful and has a great eye for beauty. She ended up being my right hand during decorating and, with Ian, helped me get these smilax greens on the columns and basically everything else in order in this room and for the ceremony aisle.

The bridal bouquet was a labor of love. Mackenzie is a tulip gal- she has an abstract tulip tattoo on her arm that I am obsessed with – and it also is a very effective representation of her spirit. Tulips are elegant, composed, and surprisingly hardy, and when you take the time to look inside, there is so much unexpected color and interesting texture! Tulips rock. Mackenzie rocks. It took this wedding to really make me appreciate both. I loved getting to work with these bright greens, especially after a long winter of pines and eucalyptus. 

Her smile. Her smiiiiiile.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one thing… I couldn’t find any of my usual yellow fillers I love to work with for the wedding, and I was panicking on the drive down to Weyers Cave knowing there was a serious hole in the color story. Then, as we kept driving, I kept seeing these little patches of yellow wildflowers on the side of the highway. My husband, bless him, agreed to pull over on the shoulder so I could hop out with my shears and grab some. Miraculously, this flower (winter cress) held up great in and out of water, and was the perfect textural element. I credit God for both the flower and my ADD brain that pops to every bright color while I’m driving.

See that beautiful little yellow guy? Thanks, I-81!

All in all, this wedding was a big undertaking. Did I mention the DJ, Collateral Jammage, didn’t show up? Phone was fried on the way there? Had to pull my car up to the ceremony area and play their music through my speakers? C’est la vie. 

The venue was wildy helpful. Beverly, Sidney, and their team was amazing, Hanks, the caterer was fantastic (never snub good, small town barbeque). On top of that, the bridal party, the family, and the couple were all a joy to be around and pitched in at the end of the wedding to get everything organized and cleaned up. A big thanks to the photographers at SCS Photography for capturing everything so beautifully, and to Brendan and Mackenzie, for entrusting me with so much of your day – it was a joy to be a part of it!

The people who made it happen:

Photography: CSC Photography
Venue: The Granary at Valley Pike (shout out to Beverly and Sidney!)
Catering: Hanks
Cupcakes: Heritage Bakery
Cross Rental: Ruffles and Rust

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